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C3 Insights to Innovation (I2I) Certification Program

New to the C3 Breakfast Club Series, the C3 Insights to Innovation (I2I) Certification program offers you hands-on learning of the CrossThink® methodology for boosting your innovation mindset.

Developed and taught by Ken Kahn, Professor and Senior Associate Dean of VCU School of Business and Matt Woolman, Professor and Director of Entrepreneurship at VCUarts, CrossThink® is a continuous circuit of tools and activities to condition right, left, and centered brain thinking.

Incorporated from principles from the arts, design, business, engineering, humanities, science, and technology, CrossThink® enables creative thinking, effective communication, and cross-functional collaboration from which innovation can flourish.

Why attend? Participants will receive:

Who should attend? Leaders, professionals, team members, and entrepreneurs looking to grow creative thinking skills, innovate and solve problems, and connect with a community of creative individuals.

Session 1 

Introduction to Innovation: We’ll start by defining innovation as both a process and outcome and introduce the CrossThink® methodology. We’ll also discuss insights as an important first step toward innovation. Subtopics: The Insights Canvas; opportunity, need finding, problem-definition
Session 2
Questioning: During the questioning session, participants will be asked to think about the task at hand and ask relevant questions to lay out research needs. This is a search for the right problem, rather than focusing on the solution. The adage is that it is better to have many unanswered questions than unquestioned answers. Subtopics: question storming, brain storming, mind mapping, morphologies
Session 3
Re-framing: Re-framing is an important process that allows the individual to see different perspectives pertinent to the innovation task. Subtopics: lateral thinking, change perspective, customer/user orientation, value definition
Session 4
Communicating: Communicating helps to explain the problem and solutions to provide understanding of how the problem is being addressed by solution ideas. Understanding leads to greater insight and augmentation of proposed solutions. Subtopics: visual thinking, visual communication, value mapping
Session 5
Designing: During the designing session, you’ll focus on prototyping a range of solutions with empathy and purpose and presenting solutions within a context. Taking a conceptual solution and creating a prototype by way of a physical form enables a higher level of thinking and evaluation. Subtopics: prototyping, wire framing, storyboarding, visual identity
Session 6
Insights & Innovation: This final session introduces two frameworks for innovation development and testing. The Insights Canvas is used for conducting and mapping research and generating insights to frame a problem. The Innovation Canvas is used for mapping an innovation solution (product or service) that is effective, efficient and adaptive.
Capstone Project
Participants will use the skills developed in this program to complete a short project on a real world challenge.

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