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C3 Questions Profile: Lora Beldon

C3 Questions Profile: Lora Beldon

How do you CREATE?

I create by being very aware of my mind body reactions to outward stimuli. If I react strongly to something, no matter what that is, you can bet it will be filtered through my art, by whatever means possible.

How do you CONNECT? 

I first connect by sharing thoughts with those that are closest to me. Friends then suggest others I may want to connect and explore subject matter with. Facebook, twitter, tumbler and Instagram are used a lot considering how often military families move and that they often move to the other side of the planet.


I do lots of collaboration! But I am very careful about my choices. Trust is a big thing and what I have the hardest time with. I do a lot of research on a person before I invest time with a person. I have to like that person before I endorse their product. When I start working with someone I start on a small scale that could be considered test case. I like people that do what they say and are prompt, people who are self-motivated and like to dream. When it comes down to production time, everyone goes back to their own studios, they work hard, come back together after a few weeks or months and everyone has lots to share and streamline. Its often done via-computer and conference call.

Lora Beldon of Military Kid Art Project will be a presenter at talk20: 13th Edition on November 3 at Coalition Theater.