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talk20 #13 Thank You

It's not everyday that C3 gets a Thank You Letter, but we recently received this wonderful Thank You Note from Lora Beldon of Military Kids Arts Institute, who was one of our fabulous talk20: 13th Edition presenters.



I would like to thank everyone involved with Talk20. The opportunity to speak live on stage with such a unique format was not only creative and fun but was a great lesson learned. What I noticed watching others on stage before me was that the…

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New Reflections & Capstone Projects from Insights to Innovation (I2I) Certification Program

One thing you learned quickly from the C3 Insights to Innovation (I2I) Certification Program is that you couldn’t predict what kind of creative thinking exercise or innovation method you were going to learn next. But, that’s all part of the CrossThink© methodology combining a variety of creative thinking methods in order to condi­tion right, left, and centered brain thinking with the overall goal of boosting innovation performance.

Sometimes, activities like brainstorming and mind maps had us creating as many ideas as possible without filter (i.e. Divergent Thinking). Other times we used…

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Creating a New Lense with C3 I2I

We’ve reached the halfway point of the first offering of the C3 Insights to Innovation (I2I) Certification Program, a six session series to boost one’s creative mindset, taught by Professors Ken Kahn and Matt Woolman of CrossThink, LLC. We’d like to share some of what we’ve learned.  

Innovation means different things to different people. Or, as Ken and Matt, pointed out in Session 1, “There are different types and levels of innovation.” The varying number of hands raised when Ken showed us a series of pictures and asked us to decide whether they showed innovation or not…

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Talk20 Transcript: Jack Brandt

We received a request to post the talk Jack Brandt gave at our last Talk20. Jack used some really cool technology that allowed him to write his talk and have it read via an ipad application. Here is the talk he gave.

My name is Jack Brandt. I want to thank you for having me be a part of Talk 20. I am from the Shenandoah Valley and have a slight valley accent, so I am using a nifty gadget by Steve Jobs and associates to

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Continuing the Journey: The Artist’s Way

Take a moment to share your thoughts and insights as you continue on your personal journey reconnecting with your creativity.  Share with other journeymen creative experiences you have had, inspiring activities in which you have engaged, and insights you have gleaned. 

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What would surprise you about Richmond’s creative community?

What wouldn’t surprise you!? Richmond’s community of artists is vast, spanning every medium you could think of – and plenty that you probably didn’t think of! Did you know Richmond is home to a nationally-renowned pumpkin carver? Or an artist who prospers from his works built entirely of masking tape?  Richmond is home to a band that grew gourds and squash, fashioned them into instruments and now tours the folk festival circuit as the country's only band who had to wait two seasons before their guitars were ripe.

I didn’t learn about…

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What inspires me or keeps me creative?

As practical and noncreative as it sounds, problems keep me creative.  After all, there are plenty of problems to go around and it takes a fair amount of imagination, resourcefulness, and “creativity” to find good solutions.

I love the old adage “There’s more than one way to skin a cat” because it’s really about unblocking your thinking so you can be creative.  Being able to develop new ideas or look at things differently is a very valuable skill at work and in life.

I tend to approach problems by asking questions like “Why do we have to…

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